Road to Nowhere.

Have I ever mentioned I HATE WAITING! I am literally the most impatient person ever. I feel sorry for @jellyofmyjesticles lel.
Standard gig going look. Keen for Killswitch!  ^.^
Not taking my makeup off before bed. I know I’ll regret this in the morning.
Cherry lips.
Exhausted. #soreeyes #nomakeup #bedtime
Chills with this cutie. ^.^
Taking selfies then can’t decide which you like better. #firstworldproblems #haveboth #leftorright #youtellme
Heh,  uv tounge ring. ^.^
Brushing green uv paint outta my hair from last night cause some bitch couldn’t keep her hands to herself. -.-
These two cuties. @xjarrydx @involuntaryvox
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