Road to Nowhere.

Bon Jovi - Bed of Roses.
Well needed relaxing night of reading and music :D
Drunk selfies cause … yis. ^.^
@jellyofmyjesticles  (at Medallion Cafe)
Cute city date with @jellyofmyjesticles I am excite. :D
The socks I’m wearing accurately describe how I feel about today and the infringement notice I received from the Department of Transport. Fuck your fine, and fuck the Myki system as a whole. If Myki didn’t fuck me over by taking my money and NOT applying it to my card then I wouldn’t have been traveling with no money on it. And still, to this day I have received no money back from Myki. I spend thousands of dollars on public transport every year to get to and from work on a daily basis and it is evident in my history on my Myki and still I get a fucking fine. How is that even fair!? /end rant
Selfie from Sunday. #bored #trainridessuck #mybelly #ithurts #boooooo
Being an awesome sister part 2: Buying @xjarrydx glove and hats.
Being a good sister and buying my family cupcakes.
Cause this is what we do when we’re drunk.
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